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Hangzhou Jiahe Mstar Technology Ltd
Factory address: Industrial Park of Pu Tian Village, qintang Township, Jiande
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In 1 and 2010, the ABS functional masterbatch was listed as a scientific and technological industrialization project in Jiande.
In 2 and 2010, the company's engineering plastics absorbent masterbatch was listed as a new product at the provincial level by the Zhejiang provincial science and technology department.
In 3 and 2011, the company was appraised as a high-tech enterprise in Hangzhou.
In 4 and 2011, the engineering plastics --ABS and PA dehydrated masterbatch were listed as Jiande's science and technology industrialization project.
In 5 and 2012, the R & D center was listed as the R & D center of Hangzhou hi tech enterprise.
In 6 and April 2012, Heng Xiang brand desiccant was identified as "Jiande famous brand product".
7, October 2012, Hangzhou "Hawk plan" enterprise;
8, patents: (1) functional white and its preparation and application patent No.: 200610072854.6
(2) preparation method of nano CaCO3 modified tremolite powder filled masterbatch: Patent No.: 200610072855
(3) ABS, PA dehydrated masterbatch and preparation method patent No.: 200910148786